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Home and Commercial Locks Rekeying

Are you searching for an experienced locksmith to rekey your locks? Do you want to retain your old locks but have them operated by new keys? Your search is over with Federal Way Locksmith contact us 24/7 for the most professional and affordable rekey locks service.

What Is Rekey?

Rekeying a lock is the process whereby the pins of an existing lock are reconfigured to operate with an entirely new key. Locks rekey does not involve changing the hardware, but only the pins within the lock mechanism are repositioned.

Call on the assistance of a qualified locksmith who services the Bothell, WA, area and will be at your place to serve your lock and key needs when you need it.


When Do You Need To Rekey Your Locks?

You just moved to a new home, office, etc.

Since you moved into a new property, you cannot tell the number of people who already have a copy of your keys. Therefore, it is expedient that you rekey your locks to have control over who has your property key.

There is an attempted burglary

If some bandits tried to gain access to your home or office illegally by making a forceful attempt to open your locks, you need to change your security setup by ordering locks rekey service to beef up security.

When you desire a sole key control

To limit access to certain areas in your business center or home, you could ask for locks rekey service to ensure that certain locks are operated by new keys other than the keys that previously operated them, for security purposes.

When you just laid off some key employees

As a part of efforts to tighten up security, you should ensure that relevant locks in your commercial center are rekeyed, especially if you just laid off staff who had access to the keys. You cannot tell if they had made duplicate keys. Therefore, take measures to forestall any attempt to break into your office.

When you want to install a master key system

A master key system provides different categories of access based on the type of key you have. The master key system can be the topmost key that can operate all the locks. Consequently, all the locks intended to be managed by the master key have to be master rekeyed.

Benefits of Locks Rekey Service

Rekeying Lock

Federal Way Locksmith is your best option for locks rekey service. We are a professional locksmith with decades of satisfactory services to our clients. We carry out our services with utmost care and professionalism to guarantee the security of your property through locks that cannot be breached or compromised. 

Contact us now and upgrade your security. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can count on our rekey specialists for fast response time, and to complete your job quickly and effectively.  Our locks rekey experts can rekey any type of locks for residential and commercial properties. When your locks in a good condition it’s easy and affordable to increase you security. Give us a quick call for more information and for any questions or requests. 

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